The Arty Pigeon

"I paint food and animals because they inspire nostalgic memories."


The Arty Pigeon lady (also known as Jill) is an internationall collected artist known for whimsical paintings and sculptures of people, animals and food or any combination of the three! Carefully executed in a traditional style using oils, watercolors or mixed meida; the pigeon lady's art can be found in both public and private collections world-wide.

Jill was once the PR Manager of first the Maryland Zoo and then the National Aquarium in Balitmore.  She also served on the PR board of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. This is where she gained her love and appreciation for wild animals and their conservation. The inspiration for combining animals and food comes from her daughter's childhood habit of putting the first bit of every meal on top of her head, like a crown.

"My paintings make people feel happy and often nostalgic. I paint food and animals with foods to bring a little humor into art collections. A culinary crown makes perfect sense!"

Jill regularly participates in shows in major cities including NY, London, Miami, Chicago and LA. She has a queue for her culinary animal commissions.