Sip Tshun Ng

"My sculptures reflect the simple pleasures that life affords us even amid the hustle and bustle of our daily routines. I'm inspired by the present as well as the past. The one constant is time. It is precious and we must live in each moment of it. While we shouldn't worry about each minute passing, we should be mindful of it and appreciate the whole spectrum of experiences that come with it. Enjoy your journey!"


Tshun is Chinese but was born in Indonesia. His grandparents moved to Indonesia from China in the 1930s. Tshun spent his youth in lush jungles and on the pure white sandy beaches of the Java Sea and the South Pacific. These colors and surroundings would later become the inspiration for his work.

In 1998 a crisis economy swept through Indonesia creating unrest. Many of the Chinese people were the target of hatred by the native Indonesians. Tshun once had to hide in an attic for 10 days until the rioting stopped.

He eventually found refuge in America and now lives in south Florida with his partner. It is here that he's able to continue producing his sculptural artwork. Tshun is an internationally collected artist.