Kelly Moeykens

"My works are driven by process, that it is only natural for me to be intrigued by the mediums I use. I am drawn to the tactile experience of it all; there is a physical aspect to interacting with my work that I want to convey with each piece. Additionally, I want to use art as a form of environmental activism and raise awareness to our biodiversity crisis. I want each individual viewer to have a unique emotional response and my work to give rise to their own memories and connections."


Kelly Moeykens is known for her commitment to processes, Moeykens creates abstract wall sculptures, paintings and found paper works. Moeykens work is most recognizable for their evocative texture, technique and materials used. She manipulates material over and over again, to see what it is capable of becoming, where it might lead, and how it will migrate from an object to something surreal or sublime. With her paper arts, she works with thousands of hand cut flowers made from recycled paper that she folds and layers atop one another to create an immersive experience that are evocative of our our planet's threatened biodiversity. Kelly is dedicated to raising awareness around our ecological and biodiversity crisis. Kelly currently lives and works in Midcoast Maine.