Christy Branson

“My work is all about process: the action of slowly adding thin layers of melted wax and pigment to a wood surface. I love the physicality of the process and my paintings are not as much “painted” as they are built. The work develops by application of melted wax, fusing with fire, scraping away and repeating. Slowly, the paintings emerge, leaving behind a history of colors and marks made a long the way”


Christy witnessed an artist melting chunks of wax with a strange tree resin in 2013. She was immediately transfixed and knew that this is what she had to do. Ferociously learning everything that she could about this ancient art form, very naturally made everything in her creative life fall into place. Setting up an encaustic studio quickly followed. For Christy, the medium lends itself to what she has to say in a way that no other art form is able to do. Abstract landscapes tend to emerge frequently in her work, as well as shifts in color and mood that coincide with the seasons. Being able to apply thin layers of wax, mark making and pigment allows for her to create an atmospheric quality to her work that draws the viewer into the luscious surface of the wax, only to discover a peaceful world that lies beneath.

Today, she continues expanding the process by employing original techniques and developing new ways of expressing herself through wax.