Łucasz Olek

Do you like getting lost on purpose? I love it. I always prefer local roads to the highway, and they usually lead me to the most interesting places.

Łukasz Olek (born 1982, in Warsaw) painter, illustrator, creator of applied graphics. Initially devoted to monochromatism using traditional drawing techniques: pencil and ink, over time he discovers the wealth of color possibilities that acrylic paints provide.
In his work, you can find both large-format, cool-toned abstractions, and figurative painting, which consists of dark, turpistic portraits.

Fascinated by the works of Francis Bacon, Mark Rothko and Lucian Freud. His works are a thorough study of texture and color, using original materials and painting media. Participant of several exhibitions, both collective and individual. His works have found buyers in many countries around the world.